Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection Make-up Brushes

Hello everybodyyy!

I hope you're all good and ready for some more make-up lovin' from me :) I recently bought some new make-up brushes and I really wanted to share this with you guys - they are definitely the most essential brushes to have in your collection! Brilliant for any summer balls/graduation/birthday/summer celebrations coming up soon.

The brushes that I got are Real Techniques Core Collection Kit by Sam and Nic Chapman, and I'd seen so many positive reviews about them that I had to try them. I can definitely vouch that they have lived up to their positive reviews!

The brush set is sold in Superdrug and Boots, but I got mine off Amazon as they came out to be £6-£7 cheaper than anywhere else at £14.65. It also comes with a handy portable carry case which doubles as a brush stand too:

These brushes have totally revolutionised my make-up routine, and made me realise the true importance of having a good make-up brush! I had no idea how much it would affect my make-up, and it gives an air-brushed look which doesn't make you look like you're caked in make up and doesn't leave any streaky foundation lines. My previous make-up brushes just weren't doing the job properly, and often left brush hairs over my face (not an ideal look). But these ones by Sam and Nic Chapman are genuinely the best ones I've tried, and the essential kit really does include the essential brushes that any girl should never be without.

The Real Techniques Core Collection kit comes with 4 brushes - foundation brush, buffing brush, detailer brush and contouring brush. Also, the tips of all the brushes are designed to be white - this hasn't happened because I forgot to wash them don't worry!

This is the buffing brush, and I mainly use this to blend in my concealer/foundation. The brush is great for this purpose, and I also use it to apply my Rimmel Matte powder (which I blogged about in my first make-up haul). This brush is just so soft and such a joy to use (as cheesy as that sounds!), and is the perfect size for the face. Because of how lovely and soft the bristles are, the brush does its job efficiently without feeling rough on the skin.

This little detailer brush is great, and I usually use it to reach the inside corner of my eye as this is an area which is quite tricky to get to with any other brush, or I use it to apply my concealer as well. You could of course use it for eyebrow shaping, applying red lipstick, or anything else really! Just remember that it is personal preference, you don't have to use the brush for its actual purpose. :)

This is the contouring brush which is my favourite, mainly because I'm only just getting into contouring! It is the perfect size for me for contouring, so for me it's a must-have. Again, it is so soft!

If you like to apply your foundation a little at a time, or if you want a thinner layer of foundation, then this brush is perfect for you. However, if like me you're sometimes in a rush to apply your foundation then you might want to consider investing in a bigger foundation brush, as this would allow a bigger application area. If you do decide to do this, I would highly recommend getting another Real Techniques foundation brush as Real Techniques sell a lot more make make-up brushes than just these ones! And because of the high calibre and quality of these brushes it is well worth investigating what more they have if you want a particular brush ;)

I'll end this post by saying that I would definitely definitely definitely recommend these make-up brushes, they are absolutely amazing! They are so soft, and make putting on make-up even more fun. They leave no streaks or hair bristles on your face, so applying make-up is much easier and quicker as you don't need to go over your foundation a second or third time to get rid of streaks. This brush set is an absolute must-have, and is a good starting point for someone who wants to build up their make-up brush collection!

Let me know what you guys think, or if you have some awesome make-up brushes in your collection that you love!

S xx

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