Monday, 2 June 2014

Make-up Haul

Hi everyone!

I've finally finished my exams! Freedom has never tasted so sweet.

In true exams celebration, I went on a make-up haul as I felt I needed a much needed pampering session:

Top row (left to right):
Clinique  Even Better foundation, 03 Ivory
Sleek Make Up  Contouring and Blush Palette, Light

Bottom row (left to right):
Rimmel  Scandaleyes mascara, Extreme Black
Rimmel  Stay Matte pressed powder, transparent
Collection  Lasting Perfection ultimate wear concealer, numbers 1 and 2
Barry M  Gel Nail Paint, Rose Hip

Clinique Even Better foundation - Boots £24.00

I was in desperate need of some new foundation, and I can honestly say that this foundation is the best I have ever tried. It has great coverage, as you can apply a little on for daily wear and it still covers blemishes, or for a special occasion you can layer on more and it still looks great without looking like you're caked in make up. As I have pale skin, I've found that a lot of foundations can make me look ill and sickly. However, after wearing this foundation, my friends remarked how my skin looked more glowing and healthy, which is a great improvement from my previous foundation! I went to the Clinique counter in my local Boots in order to get an accurate skin match and I would definitely recommend this to get the best foundation for you. Not only do they match your skin colour with the foundation, but they also analyse your skin type. The foundation I got is best for a combination skin type (a mixture of dry and oily), but there are other foundations which cater for every skin type (e.g. if you are prone to break outs, if you suffer greatly from dry/oily skin etc.). Well worth the free consultation!

Sleek Make Up Contouring and Blush Palette - Superdrug £9.99

I am very new to contouring, and having heard positive reviews about this contouring kit I decided to give it a try. It's as good as everyone says it is! I would say that this is the perfect kit for anyone who is new or not that confident with contouring (as I am), because starting off with liquid foundation for contouring is not a good idea as the technique can be quite tricky and takes a lot to get used to. This kit comes with contouring powder, highlighter and a blush, it really does enhance the contouring effect. It comes in different shades according to your skin type (the palette that I got is Light 373).

Rimmel Scandeleyes Mascara - Boots £6.99

I'm still not sure about this mascara, as I've found that it tends to come off quite blobby (if you get what I mean). A lot of the mascara comes onto my lashes, so I've found that I'm using my old mascara to separate my lashes first, and then using Scandaleyes on top to enhance them as it does give a lot of volume. Volume-wise, this is great, and the brush applicator is also great as it is quite big so has a lot of coverage. But if you want to look like you have more than 4 eyelashes then I would recommend using something else to separate your lashes first.

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder - Boots £3.99

This is an absolute God-send. I use this powder to set my make-up (after I've put on concealer and foundation), and it sets me for the rest of the day. Before I used this, my make-up used to slide off and I used to re-apply about twice a day, but now I can just apply it in the morning and not worry about it until I go to bed. My friend Hannah recommended this to me, and I'm so glad she did! Also, because it is transparent, it is good on a lot of skin colours. Definite must-have!

Collection lasting perfection concealer - Boots £4.19 each

As you may have noticed, I have these in two colours (Fair 1 and Cool Medium 2). This is because my skin colour is floating in between the two on different parts of my face. I use the lighter one for the dark circles under my eyes, as this really needs to be light to properly combat those pesky dark circles, and I use the darker one to cover blemishes in darker places of my face like near my jawline. They are first to go on my face in my daily make-up routine, and I apply them underneath my foundation. I think they do a really good job in covering any unwanted blemishes! Quite cheap as well.

Barry M Gel Nail Paint - Rose Hip - Boots £3.99

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a complete nail polish junkie. I can't step into Boots or Superdrug without buying one, and as my mum says, nail polish is my "signature look". However, I am still undecided with this nail polish. Don't get me wrong, I love love love Barry M nail polish, and I trust the brand completely as the majority of my nail polishes are from Barry M. It's just that I'm undecided about the colour. It's a light pink pastel-y colour, and whilst this looks amazing, it just isn't right for me as it clashes with my skin colour. I have quite olive-y skin, so some colours just don't suit me. However, if you don't have olive skin then I reckon this could look really great. As it is a gel nail polish, after a couple of coats it is completely opaque and gives a really good effect. I've found with most Barry M nail polishes that they last a couple of days before they start chipping - this will of course differ from person to person, as I am quite a clumsy person where chipping is inevitable.

So that's it from my mini beauty haul! Sometimes you just need to treat yourself, and for me, today was just one of those days. If you have any questions then please feel free to leave a comment! :)

S xxx


  1. I really like the lightness of Barry M nail polishes- I have to pick up some of them when I'm in London :)
    Sara | Passing Fancy

    1. Yeah they're great! Definitely should :) x

  2. they all look so nice, i can't wait until the superdrug near me gets the contouring kit back in stock- i've been in five times to get it but no luck yet x

    1. Oh no, nightmaree! It'll be worth the wait though :) let me know what you think of it when you manage to get it! x